Anger Grows

"Anger Grows"
captures much of the unsettled atmosphere of the times with a dynamic musical vehicle that is accessible to a wide range of listeners. Kerry Leigh communicates these varied themes by blending an Americana mix of Rock, Folk, Blues and Country influences that defy the bounds of any single musical genre.  Kerry begins with a solid rhythmic foundation of hypnotic, driving percussion and pulsing bass, then adds supporting layers of acoustic and/or complementing electric guitars, keyboards and contagious pop hooks. He creates a multi-timbral canvas for his distinctive lead vocals, complemented by the harmonic blending of Everly Brothers, Eagles, and Beach Boys backing vocals styles.  Kerry Leigh's acoustic and electric guitar work displays visible influences from Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham, Pete Townesend, and others expertly fused into to his own signature style.  "Anger Grows" is a cleanly engineered, thoughtfully arranged, uncluttered production resulting in a well-crafted tightly produced, hook-laden rock album appealing to indie, folk, country, and pop fans alike.  Kerry Leigh's captures much of the disconcerting sentiments spreading across America and places them in a musical context that leaves the listener anxious for further examination and exploration.


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