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Get your FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of the new single, "Anger Grows" by singer/songwriter Kerry Leigh, from his recently released CD,"Anger Grows."

Here's what the critics are saying:

  • Kerry starts with a solid rhythmic foundation of hypnotic, driving percussion and pulsing bass, then adds supporting layers of acoustic and/or electric guitars, keyboards and engaging sonic hooks.

  • "Kerry plays California Country Rock. In the tradition of the greats, he starts off with a folkie foundation and builds a soulful house of songs utilizing brotherly vocal harmonies (a la the Everlys) and contagious pop hooks." 

  • "Anger Grows" is a cleanly engineered, thoughtfully arranged, uncluttered work, resulting in a well-crafted tightly produced, hook-laden rock album appealing to indie, folk, country, and pop fans alike.
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